Gym Monkee Clearance Sale - Only 243 days to Christmas

Photo by Justin Lim on Unsplash

April 26, 2022

Clearance sales offer customers a way to access a company's goods at a lower price point.

Clearance sales encourage customers to try new products.

If customers like the product, they may become a repeat customer at the regular price point.

In our case, an ongoing clearance sale helps reduce excess inventory in the Gym Monkee storeroom.

Ideas such as “fear of missing out” and “assumed value” are some of the the top 5 reasons that consumers continue to flock to January clearance sales marketed by retailers.

We think ... why not offer such a clearance sale all year round?

Happy days.

Putting items on clearance does more than simply move poor performing inventory.

We know that such a clearance sales can attract bargain hunters that are typically new customers to our online Gym Monkee store.

It’s also a reward for loyal customers.

By putting a “Clearance Sale” sign on the homepage, the aim is to open up more shelf space for new stock. 

Where we may have used a “sale” in the past; a promotional tactic created by companies or retailers used to attract more customers to enter their space and attain a high turnover rate of products. 

Time to change tack.

A “clearance” seems more befitting; a special type of inventory sale that attempts to attract more customers than traditional sales by offering significant price reductions on products the store is trying to get rid of for one reason or another, such as items are going out of season, the need to create room in the store for new items, or the store might be going out of business.

Try saying that last sentence in one breath.

Happy shopping.

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