Beige Tank Top


Introducing the Gym Monkee Beige Tank Top - perfect for blending in with the sand during outdoor workouts or pretending to be a chiselled statue.

The breathable fabric keeps you cool, while the flattering fit ensures you'll look great whether you're doing push-ups or just striking a pose.

Add some humour to your workout wardrobe with the Gym Monkee Beige Tank Top - the ultimate blend of fashion and function.

    Wash on an Eco 30


     Size Guide (in Inches)

    Chest Length
    S 36-38 ins 30 ins
    M 40-42 ins 31 ins
    L 42-44 ins 32 ins
    XL 44-46 ins 32 ins
    2XL 46-48 ins 32 ins
    3XL 48-50 ins 32 ins


    Note. Sizes are approximate and slight variations may occur