Black Tank Top


Introducing the Gym Monkee Black Tank Top - the perfect workout accessory for pretending you're Batman or just trying to look mysterious.

The lightweight and breathable fabric keeps you cool, while the sleek design shows off your gains.

Whether you're lifting weights or just strutting your stuff, the Gym Monkee Black Tank Top is a must-have addition to your gym wardrobe.

Get ready to unleash your inner superhero (or supervillain) with this stylish and comfortable tank top!

    Wash on an Eco 30


     Size Guide (in Inches)

    Chest Length
    S 36-38 ins 30 ins
    M 40-42 ins 31 ins
    L 42-44 ins 32 ins
    XL 44-46 ins 32 ins
    2XL 46-48 ins 32 ins
    3XL 48-50 ins 32 ins


    Note. Sizes are approximate and slight variations may occur